MSCP 10 Other People's Mothers (1).png

Episode 10: Other People's Mothers


Rayanne, Angela, and Rickie are in the Chase kitchen, where Rayanne, who is fifteen, is drinking a beer (WHAT, IT’S DOMESTIC!). In order to take a bite of her pickle, she hands the beer to Rickie, at which point Patty (YAY, PATTY!) and Danielle (BOO, DANIELLE!) enter. Although Rickie does not drink, Patty initially believes Rickie was drinking the beer. She chastises Angela (CHASTIESE, I TELL YOU!), informing her daughter that consumption of alcohol will not be condoned in the household by minors, whether family or not. Patty also reminds Angela that she will have to attend a dinner party to celebrate the anniversary of Angela's grandparents. Rayanne, Angela, and Rickie head to the Graff home, where Angela meets Rayanne's hippie mom, Amber (WHO AT FIRST IS AMAZING, BUT ENDS UP BEING TOTAL GARBAGE BY THE END OF THE EPISODE), with whom she is entranced; Amber appears to Angela very laid back (AND SHE’S A DAY-DRINKER!). Amber, in contrast to Patty, does not mind children drinking in her home, so long as they do so responsibly. Rayanne decides to throw a party, which she schedules for the same night as Angela's grandparents' party (BAD PLANNING, RAYANNE!). Meanwhile, Patty's mother, who has been treating Patty like a child, pressures Patty into having the party in the Chase home instead of a restaurant and commandeers the refrigerator, frustrating both Patty and Graham (GRAHAM, BOO!). On the night of the dinner party, the Chase family discovers that Patty's father will not be in attendance (HE’S THE WORST ANYWAY). Angela (WHO IS WEARING A TRULY HENIOUS OUTFIT), frustrated that she is being required to attend a party being held for someone not himself in attendance, opts to violate her orders and attends Rayanne's party, where Rayanne takes ecstasy and drinks copious amounts of alcohol (COPIOUS AMOUNTS!). The combination has an extremely adverse effect on Rayanne. When Amber enters, she kicks nearly everyone out save for Rayanne, Rickie, and Angela and chastises Rayanne for the noise, for not keeping the party's guest list small, and for drinking to excess; she does not, however, show much sympathy for Rayanne's condition, about which both Rickie and Angela are highly concerned. (AND THEN AMBER LEAVES TO GO ON A DATE. SHE IS GARBAGE!) Angela calls Patty, who comes over and makes sure Rayanne is taken to the hospital (QUEEN PATTY SAVES THE DAY!). Patty then invites Rickie and Angela to a "very dull" party, which both are happy to attend.



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