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Episode 11: The Life of Brian



This episode is told from Brian's point of view (WE JUST SAID THAT). Everyone's love life gets screwed up by the school World Happiness Dance (ORGANIZED BY SHARON WHO IS ADDICTED TO STRESS). Brian has his first erection (WHOA) "from actual physical contact" when a new transfer student, (QUEEN) Delia (FISHER. WHO IS EVERYTHING), touches his hand, and he asks her to the dance (I MEAN, SORT OF). Jordan won't ask Angela to the dance (BECAUSE JORDAN DOESN’T GO TO DANCES, AS, LIKE, POLICY), so Angela asks Brian to drive her to the dance. Brian, realizing this is his chance to woo Angela (WOO!), breaks his plans with Delia (BECAUSE HE’S MONSTER). Rickie (HEY GIRL!) develops a crush on Cory (US TOO!), and Rayanne asks Cory to the dance with her and Rickie. At the dance, Rickie thinks Cory might be hitting on him, but it soon becomes clear Cory was interested in Rayanne all along (SOB). Angela (ALSO A MONSTER) gets angry at Brian for snubbing Rickie and scheming to get her alone. Brian sees Delia at the dance and tries, unsuccessfully, to reconcile (BECAUSE DELIA IS A QUEEN). Jordan comes to the dance and tells Angela that he likes the way "she is." (THAAAAAAATS NOT WHAT HE SAYS) Angela, buoyed by a successful conversation with Jordan, admits she ruined Brian's night and asks him to dance. Brian declines (IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE)

In 1997, TV Guide ranked this episode #37 on its list of the 100 Greatest Episodes. (BECAUSE OF COURSE THEY DID THIS EPISODE IS PERFECT).



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