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Episode 14: On the Wagon


Remember the "Life of Brian" episode? This is basically "Life of Rayanne" only we don't get any Rayanne voiceovers (UGH THIS SHOW WAS CANCELLED TOO SOON). Angela and Jordan broke up (BUT HE STILL KNOWS THE COMBINATION TO HER LOCKER, EYEROLL.), and they are spending more time together now than they ever did when they were "together." Rayanne is feeling lots of distance between herself and Angela (I MEAN AN ALMOST OVERDOSE WILL DO THAT), but since they are fifteen years old, Rayanne ignores it and makes things worse. Jordan is obsessed with the fact that Tino stormed out and quit Frozen Embryos (AND IS ALSO MAYBE INLOVE WITH TINO?!), so Rayanne decides that she's going to be the new lead singer and makes out with the drummer until the band lets her sing. IT DOESN'T GO WELL, YOU GUYS! RAYANNE FREAKS OUT. Patty Chase is CONVINCED Rayanne is drinking again so she takes it upon herself to tell Amber (THE WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD) and guess what? THAT DOESN'T GO WELL EITHER. Meanwhile, Brian and Rickie are still best friends and Rickie has HAD IT with Rayanne and her shenanigans. 


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