MSCP 15 So-Called Angels .jpg

Episode 15: So-Called Angels


Okay, so Angela makes friends with another dead teenager and this time it's 90's goddess Juliana Hatfield and she's angel who sings and plays guitar (ALSO ANGELA IS A FULL BLOWN MEDIUM. SHE SEES AND TALKS TO DEAD PEOPLE). Poor Rickie is homeless and getting beat up and lying about it even though it's super obvious (CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HIM?!), so Jordan directs him to an abandoned warehouse where all the homeless kids live (NOT THE BEST IDEA, BUT JORDAN IS ACTUALLY NOT A MONSTER IN THIS EPISODE SO THERE'S THAT). Brian's parents abandon him for ten days (DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON, THEY ARE AWFUL), and he takes solace in the teen help line that the supremely unqualified Sharon and Rayanne are running (SHARON IS SO OVERWORKED AND BOY DOES SHE LET US KNOW). Oh, and Rayanne's mom's homophobic boyfriend (WHO IS ALSO A SEXUAL PREDATOR) has moved in and guess what AMBER VALLONE HAS BEEN CANCELLED. 


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