MSCP 16 Resolutions.jpg

Episode 16: Resolutions

It’s New Year’s Eve and the resolutions are all over the place. (CAN SOMEONE REMIND JORDAN IT’S NEW YEAR’S EVE, PLEASE?) And ugh we hate to say it but Rickie is homeless again (SERIOUSLY, THAT’S WHAT THE HULU DESCRIPTION OF THIS EPISODE IS) and it’s even more heartbreaking than last week’s episode. After staying at the Chase house for a week (YAS PATTY AND HER CHANGE OF HEART), Rickie feels like a burden (HE’S NOT) and bails to live on the rainy, rainy streets of this Pittsburg suburb. Mr. Katimski is the only person who actually does something about it (AND HE COULD LOSE HIS JOB, YOU GUYS) and get ready to sob because this is quite an emotional rollercoaster. MEANWHILE, Graham and Hallie Lowenthal are starting a restaurant together after all apparently (YAWN), Sharon can’t break up with Kyle because her hormones are working overtime (UMM HI THEY ARE FIFTEEN), and Brian and Jordan discover they can have a mutually beneficial relationship (ALSO SOMEONE IS FINALLY TRYING TO HELP JORDAN READ THANK GOD).


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