MSCP 17 Betrayal .jpg

Episode 17: Betrayal

Okay well, this episode is called Betrayal so yeah everything is a mess you guys (AT LEAST IT STARTS OFF WITH THE FAMOUS "BLISTER IN THE SUN" SCENE). Spoiler not spoiler? RAYANNE AND JORDAN SLEEP TOGETHER AND IT RUINS EVERYTHING. All the drama is happening while Mr. Katimski is directing "Our Town" (BECAUSE OF COURSE) and it's all incredibly complicated. In happier news, Rickie now has a stable home life (SERIOUSLY, ONE NIGHTH AT KATIMSKI'S AND HE'S MAKING REAL ADULT CHOICES), a bunch of beloved characters come back (DELIA FISHER HEY GURL! SHARON'S MOM CAMILLE YAS THROW THAT SHADE! ...COREY THE ARTSY GUY? WHATEVER). Oh and we see Brian shirtless (DON'T GET CREEPY ABOUT IT), andddd these teenaged actors are actually really fantastic (LOOKING AT YOU DEVON ODESSA!).


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