MSCP 18 Weekend.jpg

Episode 18: Weekend

It's the weekend from hell (OR THE BEST WEEKEND EVER?!) over at the Chase residence. So, Graham and Patty go away to "reconnect" for the weekend and leave Angela and Danielle alone (WE GET SOME DANIELLE VOICEOVER YOU GUYS). While Patty and Graham try to deal with Graham's brother Neil and his new high pitched girlfriend Cheryl (PATTY CHOOSES TO GET HAMMERED AND IT'S AMAZING), Angela has to deal with Rayanne, who is tied to her parents bed because she found the handcuffs that Camille Cherski gave Patty to help rekindle her marriage but Patty left them at home AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED. Angela recruits Rickie, Sharon, and even Brian Krakow to help get Rayanne free while Patty nurses the worst hangover OF HER LIFE. And we're here for every last second of it. 


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