Episode 3: Guns and Gossip

After a gunshot goes off in school (YIKES, WE MIGHT ADD), (GORGEOUS / SECRET COOL KID) Brian Krakow (WHO WE ALSO FIND OUT IN THIS EPISODE HAS IBS….WEIRD) experiences pressure from authority figures (MR. FOSTER, BOOOO!) to inform on Rickie (HEY GIRL!), who is suspected of having brought the gun to school. While parents become very concerned (PATTY LOSES HER S**T, YOU GUYS), students remain relatively calm about the situation (ESPECIALLY ANGELA, WHO SPENDS THE WHOLE EPISODE THINKING ABOUT HERSELF). Although Rickie (HEY GIRL!) did not bring the gun to school, he wants fellow students to think he did, believing that he will be harassed less for his bisexuality. He points out in class (AS GIGANTIC NOTES ARE PASSED OVER AN AROUND HIM, COMPLETELY UNNOTICED BY THE TEACHER) that firearms are not just tools of aggression; they are also often tools of defense. After Angela comforts Rickie in his car (WE’RE NOT SO SURE THAT’S RICKIE’S CAR, MORE ON THAT LATER), their friendship grows stronger. Meanwhile, Angela is dealing (NOT WELL, MIND YOU) with a rumor that she had sex with Jordan Catalano. It is discovered that the rumor originated with Brian Krakow (NOT COOL, BRIAN, I DON’T CARE HOW AWESOME YOUR HAIR IS.)


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