Episode 4: Father Figures


Patty must deal with her father (SHE MUST!), whose printing business she now runs, when the IRS decides to do an audit (BY THE PINE-SOL LADY!!). Patty makes a variety of suggestions, all of which go unheard by her unyielding father (WHO IS THE WORST). Meanwhile, Angela and Graham's relationship is also strained as Angela gives Graham the silent treatment (GRAHAM, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!) Graham gives Angela and Rayanne tickets to the Grateful Dead (SNOOZE!) but Angela (THINKING ONLY OF HERSELF) scalps them, angering (OR, LIKE, DEVASTATING) Rayanne. Rayanne has no father figure (BUT SHE HAS AMBER VALLONE!) and appreciates her interactions with Graham. Angela hides in Brian Krakow's car (HIS DREAM COME TRUE!) in order to make her dad think she went to the concert, knowing that he would be disappointed to learn she didn't (BECAUSE HE’S THE WORST DAD EVER!), but he discovers the truth, and gives her the silent treatment. In the end, Graham asks Angela what kind of music she likes (AND THE ANSWERS ARE SURPRISINGLY INTERESTING).


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