Episode 5: The Zit

The Annual Three Rivers Mother-Daughter Fashion Show is approaching (AND ANGELA IS NOT EXCITED). Rayanne's “slut potential” and Sharon's large breasts get mentioned on a Sophomore girls list made by some jocks (OMG, THE LIST!). Angela, who is not on the list, feels self-conscious a zit on her chin (WHICH SHE MENTIONS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN); she concludes that she is ugly (ANGELA, DEEP BREATHS, GIRL). Coincidentally, Sharon becomes self-conscious about her large breasts (AND SUDDENLY HAS A WARDROBE FULL OF OVERSIZED SWEATERS). Patty does not understand why Angela (WHO HAS BEEN A TOTAL NIGHTMARE ABOUT THE WHOLE THING) does not wish to participate in the fashion show until she learns of Angela's insecurities. Angela suggests that her mom do the fashion show with Danielle (WHO, FOR SOME REASON, HASN’T YET BEEN SHIPPED OFF TO BOARDING SCHOOL).




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