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Episode 7: Why Jordan Can't Read

Angela and Jordan (JORDAN CATALANO!) get close when she learns of his reading problem (AND SHE LOOOOOVES SHARING THAT SECRET), which she discovers because he was unable to read a note he found that she wrote about him (THANKS FOR NOTHING, RAYANNE). She speculates that he might be dyslexic (LIKE UNCLE NEIL!), although he doubts it (OF COURSE YOU DO, JORDAN). After being invited to his band's practice session (MORE LIKE AFTER SHE INVITED HERSELF), she grows even closer to him when she hears his new song, "Red," (WHICH YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD) which she and Rickie believe is about her, but which is actually about his car (SPOILER ALERT!). Patty and Graham (WHO IS THE WORST) cope with a possible pregnancy. Graham becomes fond of the idea of having a son, and when Patty tells him that she is not pregnant, she realizes he is disappointed. Graham resorts to playing catch with Brian Krakow (SWOON!).



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