Episode 8: Strangers in the House

After her father has a heart attack, Sharon (YAY SHARON! BOO HEART ATTACK!) moves in for a short while with the Chases (AND RAYANNE IS NOT PSYCHED ABOUT IT). Angela (WHO HAS BEEN A MONSTER TO SHARON FOR THE LAST SEVEN EPISODES) wants to get closer to Sharon but doesn't know how. Rayanne, however, does get closer to Sharon, (YAY! RAYANNE + SHARON FOREVER!) helping to drive her to the hospital (ALSO, IN A WEIRD TURN, WE LEARN THAT TINO LOVES HOSPITALS…?). Sharon's father is approximately the same age as Graham (BOO! GRAHAM!), and the experience leads Graham to think about his future and how unsatisfied he is with his job. Despite his landing a big account (FINALLY), Patty fires her husband (BUT, LIKE, IN THE SWEETEST WAY POSSIBLE…PATTY RULES) in order to free him to pursue a more fulfilling career.



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