Episode 9: Halloween

Halloween rolls into Three Rivers (IS THAT THE NAME OF THEIR TOWN?), blurring the line between facades and realities (AND INTRODUCING STRAIGHT UP TIME TRAVEL). When Patty and Graham venture to buy costumes on Halloween day (FROM THE MAYOR OF HALLOWEEN HERSELF), a pirate costume and a Rapunzel costume are all they can find; serendipitously, it leads the couple to passionate role-playing (IN A SCENE THAT SHOULDN’T BE SEXY BUT SOMEHOW IS). Danielle (WHO STILL HASN’T BEEN SHIPPED OFF TO BOARDING SCHOOL) dresses as Angela and goes trick-or-treating with Sharon. Angela, meanwhile, dresses as a schoolgirl from the early 1960s (AND LOOKS FABULOUS). After learning of Nicky Driscoll, a student who had died in the early '60s in the school, she, with Rayanne and Rickie, decides to break into the school on Halloween night. Brian Krakow (SWOON) shows up as well and facilitates the break-in. While there, Brian Krakow comforts the achluophobic (WHAT ON EARTH DOES ACHLUOPHOBIC MEAN?) Rayanne in the basement while Angela sees visions of Nicky Driscoll and the events leading up to his death (THE AFOREMENTIONED TIME TRAVEL). The experience gives Angela the motivation to convince Jordan Catalano not to let his teachers define his life for him.



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