Episode 1: Pilot

"High School is a battlefield for your heart..."

In the pilot episode, Angela Chase starts her sophomore year at Liberty High. She dyes her hair red (Crimson Glow!) and abandons her best friend, Sharon, for her new, outgoing friend, Rayanne.  Her romantic interest in Jordan Catalano (JORDAN CATALANO!!!) is established, and she lies to her parents about a night out, telling them that she is staying at Rayanne's house. Instead, she, Rayanne, and Rickie (Hey girl!!) head to a club (LET'S BOLT!) but are unable to get in (Thanks for nothing, Tino!). In the parking lot, the two girls are hit on by some guys, leading to a confrontation (I mean, to put it mildly). The girls are driven home by a cop, (BUT NOT BEFORE) Jordan Catalano notices Angela in the backseat of the police car.


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