Episode 6: The Substitute

An unconventional (THAT’S ONE WORD FOR IT!) substitute teacher (VICK RACINE!!!) temporarily turns Angela's English class into a poetry writing club. Students are encouraged to express themselves. Controversy arises when Patty, who runs a publishing company (MORE LIKE A PRINTING PRESS, BUT WHATEVER), reads an anonymous poem titled "Haiku for Him" (DID IT JUST GET HOT IN HERE?) alluding to sexual interaction, but the substitute assuages her reservations and she agrees to publish the poem along with the rest of the submissions in the school's literary magazine called Liberty Lit (AND. BRIAN. IS. NOT. HAPPY. ABOUT. IT.). The principal (MR. FOSTER, BOOOOO!), however, does not share the libertarian attitude of his students; he confiscates every copy of the magazine he can, threatens to suspend any student distributing copies, and (SPOILER!) convinces the substitute to quit.

Sharon is worried that it will be discovered that she wrote the poem, while Rayanne is worried people will discover that she didn't write it; (IN THE BATHROOM!) they agree to keep the deception going, which leads to the emergence of a sort of agentic (AGENTIC?) friendship. Angela, despite being disenchanted with the substitute after learning he abandoned his family, maintains that freedom of speech is critical and engages in civil disobedience, distributing copies of the 1994 Liberty Lit despite the prohibition (SHE WOKE UP! SHE WOKE UP!). She informs her parents—who had, earlier, encouraged her to speak up for what she believes in—that she is willing to be suspended if that's what it takes to fight the injustice she sees. In the end, the parents back her, and the principal opts not to suspend her.




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