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Episode 13: Pressure



In "Pressure" Jordan spends the entire episode trying to convince Angela to have sex with him even though she makes it super clear that she is not at all into it (SHE'S FIFTEEN YEARS OLD). Jordan shows up to her house in the middle of the night unannounced, convinces her to go to a vacant house that a bunch of teenagers are using for sex, and then gets mad at her when she bails on him (NO MEANS NO, JORDAN). Seriously, Jordan, delete your account. In Angela's attempt to convince herself to do something she really doesn't want to do (ANGELA, GIRL!), we learn that Sharon is the most sexually experienced girl at Liberty High School (SHE AND KYLE HAD SEX, LIKE, CONSTANTLY) and she also happens to have an absolutely ridiculous and hilarious "intimacy video" that makes the rounds between Angela, Brian, and Rickie (WHO WANTS TO PULL OFF BIKE SHORTS AND IT'S LIKE, YOU TOTALLY CAN). Speaking of Rickie (WILSON! CALL US!), we hear more about his incredibly high expectations about love, sex, and relationships and we just want to hug him and tell him IT GETS BETTER GURL. Oh, and Angela steals Brian's bike. OH! And Graham might start a restaurant with pushy Hallie Lowenthal. But seriously, you guys, WHAT WERE WE ALL THINKING BEING IN LOVE WITH JORDAN CATALANO?! 


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